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Kelowna, BC

Butterfly Communication, is committed to creating tools to facilitate communication between refugees, immigrants, and those who support them. We are focusing right now on the Farashah Communications Cards project, designing and publishing English/Arabic cards to be used with Syrian families and sponsor groups. 



About ...

Butterfly Communication was founded in January 2016, by Karen Rauser, an English Language Teacher and Mindfulness Facilitator.

The first project for Butterfly Communication was the Farashah Communication Cards, which were designed to help facilitate communication between low-level speakers of English and those who work with them in the community. The original idea for this project came as a result of the major influx of Syrian Refugees to Canada. Karen Rauser was part of a sponsorship group for one of these Syrian families, and wanted to contribute from her own training and experience to help them get settled. Realizing that there might be a need for this kind of tool within the larger community, she recruited the help of a former student and fellow linguist, Heidi Smith, to explore options for making the project more accessible to more people. Through Kickstarter, initial start up funds for the project were raised and, under Heidi's project management, the communication cards attracted a whole team of consultants, illustrators, designers, and beta testers, who all volunteered their time to bring the project forward (see Farashah Project Acknowledgements page). Hundreds of the Farashah Basic Set have been distributed across Canada and even internationally.

Current projects for Butterfly Communication include

  • creating a mental health set of cards for language learners - to learn about mental health issues and strategies for stress management
  • consulting on the creation of a curriculum which incorporates embodied mindfulness into high level, focused language learning. 

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